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Blank cartesian plane with numbers (PDF)

Empty Cartesian plane graphing sheets typically feature a full-page mathematical grid. The coordinate axes are clearly labeled, indicating the origin (0) and unit measurements, making it easy to plot points and interpret the graph accurately.

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Note: This printable Cartesian plane is in A4 format with arrows. You can see the preview below or download the full page (in PDF) which is printable in high quality with any printer.

Printable PDF page preview:

blank cartesian plane with numbers a4 preview
blank cartesian plane with numbers a4 preview download

Blank cartesian plane with numbers

Blank cartesian plane paper PDF A4 download – This Cartesian plane is blank, featuring a blue-lined math grid and coordinate axes marked with arrows for the X and Y directions.

Download “Blank cartesian plane with numbers A4 PDF” blank-cartesian-plane-with-numbers.pdf – Downloaded 6 times – 412 KB

Printing notes: Make sure to disable any optimization options in your printing dialog before starting to print. Usually the printer tries to scale down the image to better fit the printable area which will affect the cell size of this graph paper. All you need to do is to choose “actual size” in “page sizing and handling” section to prevent the unwanted outcome.

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Graphing Paper

I was surprised to learn that plain graph paper template for printing (as a pdf document) is not that easy to find on the internet. Sure, there are at least several websites offering such downloads, but you can be quickly disappointed to find out that a simple A4 PDF file with a few lines drawn over it is behind a paywall.
Which is why I decided to put my graphing paper templates on a single page for people to download. I believe that materials like graph papers are often used in tutoring situations and general education programs which is why the contents on this website will remain free of charge.

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